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Dr. Courtney Richter

After graduating from the University of Southwestern Louisiana, Dr. Richter returned to her home-town of New Orleans to attend the Louisiana State University School of Dentistry.  She graduated with honors and immediately moved to Alexandria, LA where she currently treats patients in private practice.  As a student she was a national and local leader in the dental arena and has served her peers for over 7 years in various positions ranging from representing the students of LSUSD to the Louisiana Dental Association, serving her local community as President of the Central Louisiana Dental Association, to currently Chairing the Council on the New Dentist for the state.  Dr. Richter has enjoyed speaking to groups of adults about various dental needs such as Diabetes and Oral Health, and also visits elementary schools every year to educate children about their teeth.  She and her husband/partner, Dr. Carlton, III, share a love for their patients and their family.